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PACKAGING – Did you you know that your retail packaging is an important extension of your brand and your customer experience. Just like fashion changes with the seasons, trends in retail packaging move and shift as well. Let’s ensure that your business has the packaging edge. This essential guidebook will bring you up to speed to the hottest looks in curating bags, ribbons, tissue papers and wrapping papers. Get inspired and create a great look that elevates your brand and delights your customers.

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Paypa curated look

2022 hottest curated bag and packaging look

Your packaging is an important part of your brand and customer experience. Just like fashion changes with the seasons, trends in retail bags move and shift. Regardless of the look, right now sustainability matters and is a priority for PAYPA. While the design, palette and textures of your packaging count, customers today are environmentally aware and prefer a bag that is sustainable. Our packaging is manufactured from recycled and sustainably sourced materials.

Learn about the hottest paper bag looks right now in our Retail Packaging Trends Guidebook. Download this essential guide for Australian retailers now. Let’s ensure that your business has the edge.


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