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I Bet you never knew there were so many cool things you could make with recycled paper bags!  In this collection you’ll find paper bag crafts for all seasons and for all ages. Yep, there are even some classy ways for you to recycle your paper bags,

Everybody loves to look at alternate idea to recycle paper bags. This reduces waste and also is better for the environment when we craft with items that would be thrown in the trash otherwise. It also makes it very easy to pull a craft together when you don’t have to run to the craft store to buy your materials.

Lets look at a few craft ideas to use your old paper grocery bags, lunch bags or whatever paper bag you happen to have on hand.

These bags are great for crafting because they’re so versatile. They’re strong and sturdy, you can paint them and colour them, and best of all, you can scrunch and twist them into just about any shape you want. With a little supervision creative items can be made using items such as low heat glue guns, sticky tape, artificial flowers, shells, pipe cleaners, goggle eyes, buttons glitter etc.

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Monster or Alien masks from recycled paper bag

Monster mask

Making Halloween trick or treat bags

trick or treat

Decorations to Hang

paper flower