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Vintage Brown Flat Bottom Paper Bags

Grocery bags These classic style vintage brown Kraft paper grocery bags are one of our environmental best sellers and have been around for over 150 years and still going strong today. Our bags are made from high strength Kraft paper material and all seams in our bags are fixed with high strength glue. they are extremely strong and durable and come in a wide selection of shapes and sizes to suite all types of needs. Our manufacturing facility only use 100% recyclable and biodegradable paper sourced from managed timber forests. These popular looking vintage style brown paper bags have been used in retail for over 150 years. these flat bottom paper bags have been a supermarkets favourite bag for packing groceries for a very long time and have proven the test of time. Our supermarket bags come in three different sizes and we also offer a range of smaller flat bottom paper bags ideal for gift shops, lolly shops, boutique stores or any type of retail outlet. Just like fashion changes, trends in retail packaging move and shift as well. Why not pair these flat bottom paper bags with tissue paper, ribbons, strings and stamp your bag with your very own logo or message with one of our traditional rubber stamps to really give your packaging pop, and excite your customers. At Paypa all of our advertised prices for these bags are offered at wholesale prices so you can be sure you are paying a great price. All orders placed are via a secure payment gateway so your information is safe and secure. All orders received are sent directly to our warehouse for dispatch by our friendly staff. At Paypa we offer speedy delivery service Australia wide on all orders placed.

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