Paper Mailing Satchel – LARGE


Height: 690
Width: 405
Top Flap: 120
Material Guage:
Material Type: Padded Paper
Qty per unit: 100
Product code: PMS BK L
UOM: Ctn
Unit Weight: 7.55 KG

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our Vintage Postal Satchel 690mm (h) x 405mm (w) + 120mm (top flap) Packed in 100 pieces per Carton. Ever needed some self seal envelopes to courier things across the country? We’ve released a selection of well sized satchels and a phenomenal price. These Classic look vintage satchels are the easiest way to package up your small items for freight or to seal up those important documents in transit. don’t spend excess money of purchasing them from the post office order them now and save.

Additional information

Weight 10.55 kg
Dimensions 350 × 250 cm